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Iowa Department of Education Needs Your Feedback

I'm writing to ask for your help in spreading the word about an online survey < https://www. > to gather public feedback on our state's current literacy standards as outlined in the Iowa Core. The survey is open through May 13 . As you know, the literacy standards outline learning expectations for English-language arts and for literacy in history, social studies, science, and other . . .

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YLC Peer Teaching

Picture 1: Van Buren Middle School Peer Teaching in the 4 th  grade: YLC members: Kylie Peck and Chelsey Huff.  They are playing a game based on tobacco facts in this picture.   Picture 2: Van Buren Middle School Peer Teaching in the 4 th  Grade: YLC members: Kayla Livesay, Kolbie Bass, and Isabell Manning.  They are playing a tobacco facts game with the students in this picture as well. . . .

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Van Buren High School 21st Century Renovation / Remodel Progress

VIEW PHOTOS OF OUR REMODELING / RENOVATION CONSTRUCTION PROGESS   CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS  of renovation and remodeling in progress each week!   We are excited to see the progress each week as we transform our High School and Middle School with newly renovated and improved 21st century learning classrooms!  

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