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Construction/Renovation Project Information (High School/Middle School)

Updates - Remodel and renovation of our High School / Middle School Construction began over the holiday break and things are moving along!  The students, staff, and visitors have been very understanding and flexible with the changes and adjustments.  We appreciate the support and interest shown by our students, staff, patrons, and visitors from other schools as they attend our events.  Thank you so much!    . . .


Van Buren High School Demolition Progress

VIEW PHOTOS OF OUR REMODELING / RENOVATION CONSTRUCTION PROGESS   CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS We are excited to announce demolition is under way. Check out our slide show!   Construction - Demolition


Please review this map for bus loading and unloading during construction!

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Pardon Our Mess, Great Things Are Happening Here for Students! 

The Road to Success is Always under Construction! 

Please note the bus drop off and pick up location that will begin Jan. 4, 2016 for all students who enter and exit from buses at the High School/Middle School as noted on the map above.  The area for bus drop-off and pick-up will be blocked off to all other vehicles so that when the bus pulls up to this area, students can safely walk across to the sidewalk and enter the high school at the doors near the band room. 

Parents:  This area will be used primarily for the school buses to drop off and pick up, however, if you arrive before or after the buses, you can also use the south entrance to drop-off or pick-up your student.  If you drop off your student at the main entrance (which will be closed as of Dec. 21), they can walk to the north doors (Door #5).  

The main entrance to the school (near the gym) will be under construction and closed beginning Dec. 21.  

Please note the other entrances and exits that are open during the construction Phase 1 (Dec. 21 - June 1, 2016)

We will practice the new entrance and exits on Monday and Tues, Dec. 21 & 22 so that students and staff become accustomed to the new procedures.  

Construction trailers have arrived on our high school campus and signs are now posted to signal the beginning of our remodel and renovation project.  We are very excited about the upcoming improvements to our instructional classrooms for our students and for many students to come. 

Thank you!