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Van Buren Community Schools is considering a new format for the school website.  Different formats are being studied to see which one will work best.  We would like your input on what will work for you.  What are you looking for from our web page?  What information would you like to see? What information is not beneficial to you? Please feel free to leave your suggestions. Thank you! read more Feedback 13

Public Report of Annual Progress

Public Report of Annual Progress read more

Motor Vehicle Rules When Meeting A School Bus

If you are traveling on a two- or three- lane road: And you are approaching the bus from the rear: When you see flashing red or amber warning lights, you are not permitted to pass the school bus and should be prepared to stop.  Stop behind the school bus when the school bus stops and the stop arm is extended.  Stop no closer than 15 feet from the rear of the bus, and remain stopped until the stop arm is retracted and school bus starts moving again.  Proceed with caution.   . . . read more


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